Valentines Day Gifts for Kids
Ideas for your little Vanentine

Here are some ideas for you little Valentine. The list below is perfect for either an individual gift or grab them all and make an adorable valentines day gift basket. 


1. Squishmallows 16" Valentine’s Day Pug Dog Plush Toy


Available at Target

Buy it here


2. Personalized Plush Heart Sparkle Pillow with Message

Available From LetsmakememoriesUS on Etsy 

Buy it here


3. Valentine's Day Mad Libs: World's Greatest Word Game

Available on Amazon

Buy it here


4. Soft Fleece Valentine’s Day Blanket for Couch Sofa Bed



Available at Amazon

buy it here

5. CUPKIN Cups with Lids and Straws


Available on Amazon

Buy it here








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